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This was simply too perfect to pass up for the Guilty Pleasure of the Day…Dr. Death, Jack Kevorkian’s paintings AND his music. He plays the piano and the flute in this arrangement. Dig it…creepily cool, kids. My only regret is that this clip is so short.

I just stumbled across this video of Wooden Shjips playing “Other Stars” from the band’s 2013 “Back to Land.” It’s fuzzy, it’s pulsating, it’s droney - everything you’d expect from a band who has perfected the psych 2.0 sound. 

Ever have one of those days when your head feels like a cotton candy machine? You know—spinning with airy, colorful saccharine fuzz? That’s where I’m at. So it seems only fitting that the Guilty Pleasure of the Day comes from my favorite dream pop shoe gazers from Reading…Slowdive. And no, that’s not why I have slow dive tattooed across my knuckles, but I guess that could be a reason too. Anyway…dig “Alison” from the 1993 release Souvlaki.

My Guilty Pleasure of the Day comes from the Franco-Brit, indie-pop quartet Francois and the Atlas Mountains…this, “Royan”, just seemed perfect for a little personal reflection on a schizophrenic Ohio spring day…the snow slowly melting around the purple-headed crocuses…un chanson vraiment belle. 

The song in my head when I woke up this morning - 

Drink To Sleep - Uh Bones

Guilty Pleasure of the Day…from Brooklyn, the dreamy, shoe gaze sounds of Widowspeak. Love this track, “Calico” off their album The Swamps.  Gotta love the sultry vocal resonance reminiscent of Hope Sandoval, though that honey voice is all Molly Hamilton. At any rate…dig it…

The song in my head when I woke up this morning - 

Satori, Pt. 2 - Flower Travellin’ Band


I just had to post this one. Thanks, Brother Mike, for passing this one along. 

It’s a crummy day in Ohio, but it was just made better thanks to these metal/punk freaks from Estonia known as Winny Puuh. Dig this utter madness!

Oh, hell yes! Bringing the heavy…Not to sound like a total Bro, but a heavy day at the gym demands some heavy jams…thus, Guilty Pleasure of the Day comes from the Texas hoodoo fuzz trio, Wo Fat. Dig this southern fried spaced-out epic, “Sleep of the Black Lotus,” from their 2012 release, The Black Code.

Time’s Thine Inequity Mixtapes: February - March 2014

The song in my head when I woke up this morning - 

We Could Walk Together - The Clientele

(for Ursula)

I thought it only appropriate to post this one from Donovan and the Jeff Beck Group on the first day of Wave of Action and the march on Wall Street (as well as respect for the continued protests abroad). Guilty Pleasure of the Day…dig the video too…”Barabajagal”…

The Guilty Pleasure of the Day comes from Vancouver’s Pink Mountaintops…a perfect track for rainy day love making„,dig it, “I (Fuck) Moutains.”  Watch for the new album due out on the 29th of this month.